The Brief

With multiple offices and remote users across the UK, The Rugby Football League were looking to relocate to a single purpose-developed site at the Etihad campus in Manchester. Using multiple technologies across all estates, they were looking not only to move to a single location, but also to standardise and upgrade their infrastructure to meet the demands of modern working.

Given our experience and technical expertise in this area, ACS IT were approached to design, plan and implement the new infrastructure - from communications into the building to the end-user experience.

Our Approach

Our first job was to understand the goals and key objectives the RFL had in mind to ensure we created a structured approach that encompassed all the requirements of the project. Visiting the site at building stage was integral to this process and helped us to understand the specific requirements of the building.
It was clear from the outset that one essential objective was the ability for their staff to move seamlessly around the building without hitting network dark spots, so effective wireless deployment was one of our main focuses. To handle the amount of traffic particular consideration had to be taken around cabling structure, location and type required for network. This resulted in ACS IT installing and commissioning fibre internet connection that not only met the initial brief, but was also scalable to future requirements of the RFL.
Taking performance and security into consideration, we then began planning hardware requirements – determining how many switches were required to the configuration – all whilst taking into account the future plans of the RFL and ensuring all infrastructure remained future-proof.
With many employees requiring the ability to work remotely, collaboration and communication were also a top priority for the RFL. And so our application of the MS Product portfolio and Microsoft Teams technology allowed for simple, effective communication – which is essential for the way in which they work.
Finally, we deployed all the infrastructure within the agreed timescales, which enabled the office move to happen on the original date planned.

The Outcome

The increase in speed and efficacy of the network enables staff to have access to latest Microsoft technology along with dedicated internet speed’s, which in turn means staff are able to enjoy a much more efficient and collaborative technology experience.

Due to the clear planning and execution of the plan between ACS IT, RFL Head of Technology and Technology Manager, staff were able to arrive on the initial morning and connect directly to the services they needed with minimal effort or disruption.

“ACS have been pivotal in the planning and delivery of the technology for the RFL’s new home on the Etihad campus. Due to the close collaboration between the RFL and ACS, as well as the hard work put in by Carl Whitham and others, we were able to achieve full operational functionality from day one of the new office opening.

From deploying a new network infrastructure, to configuring a suite of AV conferencing facilities, ACS’s expertise and resource was fundamental to being able to deliver a new and improved working environment. This seamless technological transition from one location to another was a significant achievement due to a variety of challenges faced during the project. The RFL would like to thank ACS for their contribution, and we look forward to working together on a variety of projects such as the upcoming RLWC2021 tournament.”

Aaron​ Durham

Technology Manager

Rugby Football League