The Brief

With multiple users and offices across the UK, Porcelanosa were looking for a managed service provider to handle all aspects of their mobile phone contract. Handling everything from billing, tariff analysis, sim swaps, restriction of service and new connections.

Given our experience and technical expertise in this area, ACS IT were approached to design, plan and implement the new procedure.

Our Approach

Our first job was to understand the “pain points” with managing their current mobile phone account and the key objectives that Porcelanosa had in mind to ensure we created a structured approach that encompassed all the requirements of the project. Reviewing their last 6 months usage data from their O2 portal was integral to this process and helped us to understand the specific requirements of the customer. This allowed ACS to put together a strong, viable and cost-effective proposal that would enhance the customer experience within their mobile phone fleet.
It was clear from the outset that the management of users, without spending hours on hold waiting for the network customer services team to process their requests, was an essential objective and allowed the internal IT team to focus on their “day-to-day” roles without wasting valuable time speaking with the networks. Handling the amount of user queries had to be taken into consideration. This resulted in ACS IT implementing cost centres for each area of the business and detailed reports in order to maintain cost-efficient use of their mobiles.

The Outcome

The increase in professional account management with a hands-on approach to customer service and knowledge of the management portal enables ACS staff to have access to the latest data information, including out of bundle usage and spend cap alerts. Which in turn means that we have up-to-date information and can alert the customer of any anomalies, without any “Bill Shocks”.

Due to the clear planning and execution of the plan between ACS IT and Porcelanosa the transition resulted in a smooth migration without any loss of service or disruption. As well as an indicative contract saving of around £48,000.

“ACS have been pivotal in the planning and delivery of the company mobile fleet. Due to the close collaboration between Porcelanosa and ACS, as well as the hard work put in by the whole team we were able to achieve a seamless transfer without any loss of service or disruption from day one of the new contract, as well as a substantial cost-saving to the business.”

Chris Stent

IT Support Manager